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Third book in the triology featuring Roger, who in book one was a despicably evil man.


In book two he used Beth and Sophie, possibly inadvertently, since he sincerely wanted a child, but didn't want the responsibility either.


In this, book three, Roger's money is worthless, the population has been almost wiped out, and he wants to impregnate as many women as possible, without any emotional ties. After getting over the shock of corpses floating down the rivers, life goes on, or does it?


About the Author: Steven Kay was born in Lancashire and he grew up in Hambleton close to Morecambe Bay and the Forest of Bowland. His father introduced him to the great outdoors and his mother showed him how to make the most out of his life. His education started in mathematics and at university transitioned to languages. Steven leads a simple life as a health-food enthusiast, he loves to go lake swimming, cycling and camping. He maintains fluency in Dutch, and he intends to retire in Austria where the land-scape reminds him of Cumbria but without the continual rains. In Austria he communicates fluently with the locals, and meets up with many flying Hollanders, who also appreciate the Low Countries rather than the Alps.


Finally, without a car and TV, Steven values love of a bygone era and the peacefulness it allows him to enjoy.

Vicar of Buttermere

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