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Meet Our Authors

Red Lights
Mrs. Bonnie Beckeman, Author & Illustrat

Children's Author and Illustrator

"A Silly Cat's Adirondack Adventure", a first children's novel set in the Adirondacks.

Red Lights
A. L. Brooks

Disability Awareness Author

Awakenings, New Beginnings, Learnin' Lessons - a TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons adult series title..

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Red Lights
Former Ambassador Jan Drabek

Former Ambassador & Novelist

"Up to My Ears in America", memoir of Jan Drabek's escape from communism.

Red Lights
Chris cropped path small.jpg

LGBTQ Author

Christopher is and LGBTQIA author who has produced over five novels concerning the hedonism of the Studio 54 era where he was a burlesque dancer, which are largely focused on recovery and realization post-disco days.


Red Lights
Mr. Chip Esajian

Motivational Speaker & Trainer

"The Victorious Mindset Power Program and CDs", a complete system to move into a victorious frame of thinking.

Red Lights
Mr. Fabio Evangelista

Science Fiction & Manga Author

"MYRA-HATI: Crossed Paths", futurist science fiction novel - developing a Manga for this title - more to come!

Red Lights
Mr. Phil Force

Brain Cancer Survivor Memoir

"Letters from Limbo," shares the thoughts and processes of going through brain cancer therapy.

Updating this title with Author permissions.

Red Lights
J.R. Hatcher

Disability Awareness Author Childrens & Adult Series

"TBI Guy's Learnin' Lessons," shares stories for children concerning real-life with a TBI Guy or Gal and the adult series shares events with therapeutic coaching,

lessons-learned, illustrated

brain characters and more..

Mr. Cliff Hill - Author, Consultant

Novelist, Musician, Consultant

"Through the Broken Looking Glass",

memoir about loosing it all and recovering while experiencing a transference to a zen mindset. 

Professor Edwin Hung - Philosophy Author

Professor of Philosophy

"God and the Vending Machine",

considers alternate processes to religion.

Professor Roberto Ivaldi - Renaissance A

Professor & Renaissance Novelist

"Joe's Life Tale," story of the Italian Renaissance through the guise of world travelers & romance. 

Man with Beard

Post-apocalyptic Novelist

"And the Dead Shall Rise", a fictional account of the end days and unfolding of the Book of Revelation. The above image is a facsimile.

Mr. Milan Kalis - Slovakian Author

Awarded Slovakian Novelist

"The Stars We Wrecked", shares the demise of Elvis Presley as told by a Central Intelligence Officer who was sent to gain Elvis's confidence in order to guide the future of music. Milan Kalis is a Slovakian author who has received numerous awards there for his writings


United Kingdom Novelist

Mr. Kay is a multiple series romance fiction author, currently with nine titles in publications and/or in production..

Mr. Bradley Latham - Post-humus Author

Scholar & Author

"Haunted Hotel", a ghostly tale about relationships in a northeastern hotel with a satirical group of characters.

Mr. Latham is post-humus and this title

honors his love of people. 


Owner, Creator, and Author

“The Face of Rap Mothers," "Rap Mothers Save the Day," "Faces of Rap Mothers Father's Editions," "Faces of Rap Mothers Presents . . . (varied artisans) and is also CEO of Black Cash / Universal Studios Entertainment, Faces of Rap Mothers Filmmaking and Movie Production, Faces of Rap Mothers Music Group, Faces of Rap Mothers Television Network(s), etc.

Dr. Gerhard Plenert

Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction Novelist

Two trilogy series novelist: "Montana Bleeds" (police procedural mystery) and

"The History of the Small World" fantasy fiction new world creations.

Mr. B. P. Pryor - Detective Novelist

Federal Law & Novelist

"TACT 27", story of intrigue, where a secret society reigns supreme in Washington DC.

Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry - Entrepreneur,

Author & Entrepreneur

Author of over thirty nonfiction and fiction titles; ghostwriter to another forty or so.

Mrs. Renee Smith - Science Fiction Autho

The Mission For All Mankind

Science Fiction novel about an intergalactic traveler who mesmerizes the people he encounters, gains a following, and creates formidable community outcomes.

Catherine Sewell

Trade Secrets

This book focuses on work in various genres such a film, television, commercials, industrial training videos, theater, music videos, and a book trailer. Actress Catherine Rogers Sewell has for enjoyed an eclectic career spanning various entertainment mediums in film, television, commercials, and voice-over work.

Ms. Skyla Spencer - Country Artist & Chi

Country Artist & Children's Author

"Skyla's Hat Adventures: The Magic of Discovery", first in the "Skyla's Hat Adventure series" - shares the story of a little girl with magical hats.

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Satirist - Comedian - Author

Author of, "Illustrated Tales for the Easily Entertained" and "Quarantina" both releasing fall 2020.

Mr. Teedzani Thapelo - South African Nov

Educator & Novelist

"Seasons of Thunder", "Love and the Degenerate Politician", Tales of Woe and Wonder in Kalahari Country", apartheid type stories of empowerment and renewal. 

Mr. Jeramiah Think - Young Adult Novelis

Bi-National Fantasy Author

"The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart", a coming-of-age fantasy novel about how a young adult copes with bullying through fantastic adventures.

Author Nichole Troupe

Disabled Children's Author

"Just Like Me," story of a young child with autism  and how she deals with life among children who do not understand; and "The Girl Who Yearned for Her Mother." Nicole Troupe, a quadriplegic when writing and publishing her stories has since passed away. We grew to really be very fond of Nicole or "Nikki" as she preferred to be called and keep her profile and titles to promote disability awareness and perserverence.

Theresa Zaino, Author, Actress, Agent to the Stars

Author, Actress, Agent to the Stars

Having spent the majority of her childhood in England and upstate New York, Theresa settled in Palm Beach County, Florida. She met future husband Danny Zaino, after becoming involved in martial arts. In the 80's / 90's she performed self-defense demonstrations becoming assistant head coach of National Team Pepsi Show Team sponsored by Pepsi Americas - receiving Outstanding Show Team of the Year. Her online radio show, Danny & Theresa Zaino Martial Arts Radio Hour, was co-hosted by Danny Zaino, airing on Action Radio Network. Followed by Martial Arts Entertainment Radio airing on MASBTV NETWORK. Theresa also co-created Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine, followed by Martial Arts Show Biz TV (reality-based interviews & news.). She auditioned for television commercial roles when her manager, Hollywood Stunt Legend Kim Kahana Sr. of Kahana Stunt & Film School inspired her Living the Dream Promotions, Inc. (an independent talent agency creation in Jupiter, Florida). Always reaching for the stars, Theresa registered her agency with Hollywood Franchised Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Today, she co-hosts Action Entertainment's, Hollywood News promoting celebrities, entertainers, living legends, and movie stars while producing programs such as, Hard Core Cooking (featuring celebrity cook Danny Zaino) and The Road to Hollywood.

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