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Welcome to DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Ala Carte Services, we provide a suite of author supports, which meet requirements in publishing whether competitive trade market, business book, private publications to share with family, or branding titles that validate you and your solutions for a client / customer base - the reasons for Ala Carte Services are endless . . . basically we are here to help!

Advance Reader Copy

Advance Reader Copies of an impending book release provide reviews and/or are able to garner a Foreword for your impending release - this traditional tool aids in pre-release marketing for pre-orders and more.

Book Representation

Title representation is always a consideration by the DonnaInk Team when providing Ala Carte Services if we discern your book meets one of our genre shelves requirements. And it never hurts to ask.

Brand Management

0 to 180 Book to Brand is geared toward new and emerging or re-engineered business and/or platform achievement and a successful tool DonnaInk Publications offers . . . also a Mastermind course fall of 2022.


Every title requires advertising - the right kind at the right time is tantamount to successful sales. Through consultation, DonnaInk establishes target and secondary markets to begin an advertising campaign for your book.

Book Layout and Design

A quality layout is required to create an award-winning title and no matter the end goal for your book - award-winning is what you deserve.

Copyright Registration

Registering your copyright is essential to privatizing your manuscript and book release. Retaining copyright is a given; however, being officially registered really is an essential step in book creation and production. At DonnaInk we make this painless and don't gouge for the service that includes the registration fee that is severable to our company as a United States copyright registration.

Cover Design

You  have heard it again and again - a book really is judged by its cover; at the very least a grabbing cover gains readers' interest. DonnaInk provides a preliminary questionnaire and designs three variations on thematic and can deliver eBook, print, and hardcover with or without wrap and flaps.


DonnaInk Publications features ghostwriters with, or without, credit. The difference is listing the writer in the front matter and in advertising "if" with credit. If you have a great book idea for business, independent needs, etc. a qualified writer takes your message from concept to quality content and expert results.

Marketing Kit

A kit for marketing is important. There are a series of works to include that should be used to build credentialing and industry recognition. Want to have a bookstore consign your title? Wish to be featured on news media? A marketing kit is your best bet.


Editorials vary - there are basic edits, line-by-line edits, substantive edits, and/or developmental edits - after a consultation we agree upon what meets your needs and create a budget you can afford.

Front Matter & Identifier

A good book features front matter - many self-published works are missing this integral ingredient that takes a book from amateur to competitive market recognition. Identifiers include ISBN, sometimes UPC codes, etc. DonnaInk attains same for book creators and prices according to the required front matter ISBNs are not as costly as UPC codes that can be higher based on need and these are driven by national registration sourcing - not a publisher or servicer such as us; however, our markup remains market competitive with an eye on authors and book developers bottom-line. 

Manuscript Critique | Reviews

Critiques validate copy and can be completed DonnaInk Publications Team members "OR" through third-party resources, which DonnaInk fields for our authors at reduced costs to third-parties with a nominal markup for doing so.

Press Kit

A press kit is not the same thing as a Marketing Kit; however, a Press Kit may be included in a Marketing Kit. These are essential for presentation to press organizations and/or potential interviewers and identify key data about you and your title including stock questions & answers, etc. for ensuring smooth representation by same.

Press Releases

Our team is well-versed in creating and publishing press releases using APA standards. Our fees are market competitive with discounts to aid authors and brand developers.

Social Media Support

Social media is a requirement in today's publication arena but making it work for you and your title requires a strategy with projected outcomes - DonnaInk Publications will identify a tactical strategy and as much as that process fulfillment as you desire.

Public Relations

Advertising & Influencer Marketing,     Brand & Image Management,     Business Development, Forecasting & Influence Marketing, Leadership Coaching, Media Strategies,   Partnerships, Pitch Letters & Press Releases, Positioning, Press Kits,    Product Launches, Social Media Strategies, Strategic Blueprinting, Trade Shows - each of these can be separate add-ons or a complete kit.


We feature a suite of publishing kits and/or book-in-a-box sets for author, business, and individual consideration - these are start to finish packages that perform the requirements of publishing without the stress and are often key solutions to businesses and brand developers.

Website Content & Design

For authors, businesses, and/or individuals, DonnaInk Publications provides variable website content and design options from 3 to 5 to 7-10 page websites that meet goals for your title.

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What Our Clients Say

And the Dead Shall Rise by M. Frederic Jennings

Mark Jennings, And the Dead Shall Rise

Just starting out in publishing process DonnaInk is very helpful and patient with someone as inexperienced in this business as I am. I look forward with great excitement to the actual release of my title and impending success . . . as a novelist.

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