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Mr. B. P. Pryor
Procedural Detective Novelist

Chief Vernon Willis of the DC Police Dept., confirmed the existence of a secret group of investigators working within his department. This clandestine group, known as the Tactical Unit, has been long suspected of acting in shadow with little or no supervision with the assigned officers free to carry out their investigations with impunity.

At a press conference held today, Chief Willis explained that the Tactical Unit was established to “fill the gaps” in law enforcement that naturally occur between local and federal authorities in the National Capitol Area. The Chief further stated that the members of the Tactical Unit toil in deep cover, usually running “long range” investigations that take months, sometimes years to resolve. These lengthy investigations often end with numerous arrests across multiple jurisdictions.

“Therefore,” Chief Willis added, “the belief that there is total a lack of supervision, or of any oversight is an illusion. The limited con-tact between the investigators and their supervisors is necessary to secure the nature and course of the unit’s investigations and to maintain the cover identities of the members involved.”

The Chief went on to assure everyone that these special police officers, “Are all highly trained individuals executing their assignments in the most professional and courteous manner with the welfare and safety of the public in their thoughts at all times.”

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