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The History of the Small World: Volume II - The Uniting of Realms


Chapter I: Shadows Across the North Groves

In the hallowed annals of the Small World, where magic weaves through ancient forests and forgotten caverns, our tale unfolds. The leprechauns, guardians of secrets and stewards of whimsy, have embarked on a perilous quest. Their emerald eyes shimmer with determination as they traverse the frost-kissed lands of the North Groves.


The Leprechaun Expedition

In the wake of halted trade, the leprechauns’ curiosity burns hotter than dragonfire. Why did the Dwarfs withdraw? Was it treachery or necessity? The answers lie beyond the snow-capped peaks, where giants lumber and elves whisper forgotten spells.


Eamon Thistledown, the intrepid leader, rallies his kin. Their cloaks of moss and boots of dew propel them forward. The air crackles with anticipation as they cross the boundary into the North Groves. Here, ancient oaks guard secrets older than time itself.


The Enigma of the Dwarfs

The Dwarfs, once allies, now remain veiled in mystery. Their forges lie dormant, their laughter silenced. Eamon’s heart clenches as they reach the Dwarven stronghold. The gates, once wide open, now stand resolute, like the granite faces of forgotten kings.

Within the caverns, they encounter Brom Ironbeard, the last Dwarf to trade with the South. His eyes, like molten gold, hold sorrow and secrets. He speaks of ancient pacts and broken bonds. The leprechauns listen, their hearts heavy with the weight of destiny.


Trials and Challenges

As frost gnaws at their heels, the leprechauns face trials. Riddles guard hidden passages, and enchanted beasts prowl the moonlit glades. They forge alliances with Silvania, the elven enchantress, and Glimmerstone, the gnome tinkerer. Together, they unravel the tapestry of betrayal and redemption.


The Uniting of Realms

Hope flickers like a distant star. Eamon and his band seek not just trade but unity. The Small World teeters on the edge, and only by bridging chasms can they restore balance. Giants, elves, and leprechauns—their fates entwine. For light and truth to triumph, they must unite.


About the Author: Dr. Gerhard Plenert

Dr. Plenert, a sage of both commerce and enchantment, wields his quill with equal mastery. His first foray into fantasy, the Small World Series, has ignited imaginations across realms. From the bustling markets of business writing to the ethereal forests of fiction, he weaves tales that resonate.


About the Publisher: DonnaInk Publications

DonnaInk, the weaver of dreams, cradles this saga. With each page turned, realms converge. Giants dance with gnomes, and leprechauns whisper secrets to the moon. Their commitment to clean storytelling ensures that readers, like you, embark on journeys beyond the mundane.

And so, dear reader, as the leprechauns tread the path of destiny, remember that legends are born in the spaces between realms. The Small World awaits your arrival—its secrets, its magic, and its promise.


Cover Illustration: Sammy Lee Benson


The Chronicles of the Small World Series:

  • The Siege of the Small World
  • The Uniting of the Small World
  • Saving the Small World 


DonnaInk Publications Celebrates the Literary Journey of Gerhard Plenert

The Uniting of the Small World

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