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The Rune Snatcher and The Primal Heart is a novel centered around a young boy named Simon who hasn’t had the easiest time of things. His father disappeared when he was quite young and his mother works to make ends meet. What money she is able to provide Simon for comfort or even just lunch from the cafeteria, ends up in the pocket of Marcus Coleman, the school’s meanest bully. Simon’s encounters with Coleman aren’t always a clinic in intimidation and pain. Simon is a quick study. He’s learned to become quicker and smarter than Coleman and his pals. Then, of course, there is Rachel Fairburn.

Simon’s 8th grade guardian angel. But Simon shouldn’t have to rely on a girl for protection should he? These problems and all the rest seem to take the back burner when one day Simon comes across a magic tome in the woods.

What sacred knowledge rests inside?

What of are the meaning of these changing riddles upon the book’s surface?

And, who does this magic item belong to?

In order to answer these questions and dozens more, Simon embarks on a magical adventure which transports him to an alternate universe with its own set of bullies. Only these bullies aren’t interested in Simon’s lunch money.

No they seek something much more . . . sinister!

The Rune Snatcher and the Primal Heart, by Jeramiah Think - USA & Korea

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