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🌟 Unveil the Hidden Realms: “Saving the Small World” 🌟

In a time long forgotten, when the world was vast and its inhabitants diverse, a cosmic struggle unfolded. The mighty giants and men, driven by insatiable greed, coveted more land. Their hunger for territory pushed the smaller beings—the dwarfselvesleprechauns, and lepelves—to the fringes of existence. These diminutive souls found themselves squeezed into ever-tinier corners, their once-bountiful lands reduced to mere patches.


But fate had other plans.

Amidst the towering peaks and shadowed valleys, the dwarfs embarked on a daring quest. Fearful yet resolute, they ventured into ancient tunnels, whispered to harbor malevolent spirits. Tradition warned them away, but courage propelled them forward. And there, in the depths of the earth, they stumbled upon a revelation—a new world, hidden from the eyes of their oppressors.

Welcome to the Small World.


🌿 A Sanctuary Beneath the Surface 🌿

  • The tunnels, snug enough for the dwarfs, barred entry to the bigger ones. Within these subterranean passages, fear gave way to hope. Here, they found solace—a refuge from the outside world’s shadows.


🌄 A Sunlit Enigma 🌄

  • As the dwarfs delved deeper, the tunnels widened, revealing an enormous cavern. A world unfurled before them, echoing the surface above. Mountainsrivers, and forests sprawled across the expanse. And high above, a bright orb pulsed—a mimicry of the sun. Its luminance waxed and waned, casting day and night upon this hidden realm.


🌳 Familiar Yet Alien 🌳

  • Trees whispered secrets, grass cradled their footsteps, and insects danced in the dappled light. The Small World mirrored their memories, yet held mysteries waiting to be unraveled.


“Saving the Small World” is the third chapter in The History of the Small World saga—a tale of courage, discovery, and the delicate balance between light and shadow. Dr. Gerhard Plenert weaves magic into every line, inviting you to explore realms both familiar and fantastical.


📚 Discover the Trilogy 📚

  • “The Siege of the Small World”: A battle for survival.
  • “The Uniting of the Small World”: Bonds forged in adversity.
  • “Saving the Small World”: Secrets that could reshape reality.


About the Author: Dr. Gerhard Plenert, a master storyteller, infuses his words with wonder. His other works await you at


About the Publisher: DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C., champions literary gems. Dive into their catalog at DonnaInk Publications.


Imprint: ThunderForge Pubs: Where Fantasy and Science Fiction collide, ThunderForge Pubs ignites imagination.


Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary. 🌟🔍✨

Saving the Small World

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