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Over 100 Mandalas for Colorists Living Life While Incorporating Mindful Relaxation Techniques features a 120-page colorist clipart series with over 100 mandalas and some sacred geometry images adult, teen, and tween colorists enjoy when practicing mindful relaxation using a self-help creative outlet.

This book arrives in either hard or softcover enabling either a keepsake rendition or as a cozy malleable tuck away for colorists to stow in a backpack or carry pouch for on the go and/or fleeting moments of calm during a busy day. The mandala is known for being a tool for relaxation and was used by psychologist Carl Jung with his clients over 100-years ago in their acts of self-discovery.

This book is an 8.25 x 11-inch hardcover and an 8.5 x 11-inch softcover book with quotes on nearly all pages (unless the Mandala takes up the page) and also a date and feeling block for the over 100 mandalas both beginner and experienced colorists will enjoy.

Contact DonnaInk Publications and share your insights about this book and/or to make suggestions for our next releases and if you'd like to be on our mailing list or to request special order colorists' books for your brand, company, family, friends or as gifts and we will be happy to create unique colorist books for you for gifting and/or self-discovery.

Over 100 Mandalas for Colorists Living Life through Mindful Relaxation

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