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Having spent time caring for my precious wardrobe. observing it process through the modern wash cycle; I've witnessed mechanical malfunctions first-hand. This is when clothes become Off Balance in the Spin Cycle. Nearing the end of a wash sequence typically, when this occurs, the washer rocks violently and requires an adjustment.


An off balance spin cycle is usually due to my intention to cut corners to complete necessary but unsatisfying chores more quickly. I overburden the washing machine resulting in a lop-sided load. This directly correlates metaphorically to "life-cycling." Off Balance in the Spin Cycle, shares intimate short stories where addictive influences living in the fast lane resulted in an "off balance lifestyle." The average washing machine spins at 600 to 1400 RPM. Like these machines, many of us live at our ultimate RPM. I know I have. In doing so, we, like our washing machines, cry in despair for balance. We demonstrate to our inner self our need for adjustments

to reach our "Chi ~ In Balance."


Off Balance in the Life Cycle, shares these personal stories of adversity providing readers a recognition. While running rampant in our world full of menacing obstacles, we learn to overcome them by developing coping skills and in building support networks getting us "in Balance." My hope is for these stories to share a reality and belief we all can open ourselves to cura te ipsum.


Heal Thy Self!

Off Balance in the Spin Cycle

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