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New realistic action / mystery / suspense / thriller novel titled, MONTANA BLEEDS, which moves readers through through Montana where the heroes attempt to replicate and reinvent ancient cement technology of the Aztecs and Romans. This novel weaves readers through a web of murder and intrigue pitting large economic interests against individual genius and initiative. This title mixes drama and suspense with believable, thought-provoking themes leaving readers emotional and driven toward involvement.


The book begins at FALCON GRAVEL PIT in Montana where a badly botched, almost humorous failed kidnapping of Roger Falcon, results in murder. The story works through police procedural investigations of the murder led by young, aggressive, Jill England. She finds herself investigating a string of murders with additional botched kidnappings also resulting in murder. She finds herself getting close to Roger’s handsome son, Eric Falcon, which endangers and complicates her investigation.


Large economic interests compete in the hope of being the first to claim ownership of the new technology, even if it means using clandestine methods. Roger, the developer of the technology, receives threats on his life and barely escapes kidnapping. He goes into hiding, resulting in additional kidnappings of family members with threats against their lives. At this point the storyline focuses on Jill and Eric and their search for moles within the police force. Family members are attacked, and police are threatened and intimidated, all in an attempt to put an end to any investigations.


A showdown in northern Montana where the bad guys have tracked Roger has antagonists pitted against a remaining few good guys and the rest is left to reader's to learn!

Montana Bleeds

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