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This original cover design edition of "HOMO GOGO MAN" has been returned to sale as "first edition" - it is available on AMAZON and shortly publisher website. Readers enjoy, and are entertained, by this gritty first-edition memoir with original cover art purposefully created to extend a retro art deco clipart appeal toward Duquette's first title.


Through cheap vintage faux, an exploitative realism inured by the author on the mean streets of NYC when deposited there as a college freshman, is complimented. Say that twice. Go ahead.
This cover design, which the author secretly did not like, was purposefully created to expressly allude to 70's disco-flavors using visage of the author's 1960's upbringing where "pop art" lettering and cringe-worthy discotheque spinners represented a sense of liberty on a budget, which was the author's exacting lament in selecting a lifestyle during the major movements of this project.


This cover and title, achieved their goal . . . reader's loved the cover because this book rose, and will rise again, to become one of AMAZON's top ten in its target and secondary genre . . . gritty, "HOMO GOGO MAN," grabs readers who grumble their way through real language and presentation.
AMAZON's top ten status in target, and secondary, markets for this title are the direct result of qualitative positioning, using publisher marketing strategies and promotions. 2nd Spirit Books is always on the search for a good story for our readers!




About the Book: 1st Edition of HOMO GOGO MAN - written in the first person, this fictional story is about a sexually suppressed boy who learns to dance to express himself, dance for a living, and dance to love life. Starting in the disco era of the 70’s, the protagonist is introduced to the fast world of go-go dancing, hustling, drugs and underground clubs after his first man-on-man encounter while exploring Times Square after he arrives at college.The story continues on his odyssey to live the big life in New York City as he trips through clubs, more drugs, and a series of boyfriends for two decades until he bottoms out in his forties from too much of the above. "Homo GoGo Man," a play on words of the species ‘homo sapien’, is a tale of a gay man avoiding extinction.

HOMO GOGO Man - 1st Edition

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