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Mr. Latham takes an unusual approach to the age old tale of hauntings in his campy, albeit serious Haunted Hotel. Through the Kimball Hotel’s postmortem residency, Latham’s imaginative pen yields a revolutionary storyline, which segways into striking afterlife tributes among segments of society typically overlooked in classical ghost tale literature.”

Bradley presents life after death perspectives through vividly entertaining characterizations. Dialogue is served up in a deliberately verbose humored wit. The imagery of this rich historical setting comes to life and Bradley’s literary flair invites newcomers to feel at home while the hotel afterlife frequenters engage new explorations at virtually every turn of the page. The Kimball Hotel first opened in 1911 and recently celebrating its 100th anniversary. While no longer a posh, upper-class playground for which it was once celebrated, the hotel has experienced consistent revolution over the decades – welcoming a lot of afterlife scores to settle. Today, the Kimball Hotel remains a hauntingly good venue for ghostly adventures!


This title is post-humos as Author Bradley Latham passed away all too  soon. A great writer and a gentle giant. We miss Mr. Latham.

Haunted Hotel

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