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Equine Lover's Journal
A DonnaInk Publications Activity, Journal, Remembrance Notebook - Creations by Q


Dedicated to Kelly and Cherokee.

This 124-page journal featuring Equine Lover's Journal . . . is a great gift for the horse lover you know. Looks well on a reading shelf and provides lined pages for notes, intentions, manifestations, recording dreams, journaling or for keepsakes.


Every young rider should be noting their daily experiences with their horses in training, riding, grooming, exercising, competitions, etc. to share and/or reminiscence for later in life "or" to create their own "National Velvet" novel from "notes" as journal entries.

If you would like a specialty keepsake book creation - look for us on the web and then email in the subject line state: Creations by Q for You! and the details in the body of the email and we will work to achieve your keepsake creation goals for the people and memories you adore. 


Thank you for shopping with, and supporting, Creations by Q for You!


Be blessed. Peace.

Equine Lover's Journal

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