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"A Silly Cat's Adirondack Adventure," by Bonnie Beckeman follows Maple the cat as she travels through the Adirondacks visiting her friends the fish, raccoons, frogs, big bears and wise old owl. It is unique in that it is the only children's book in the Adirondacks, written by someone living there, about the area, and for children. This is a sweet title children love.



About the Author: A classically trained watercolor artist, Mrs. Beckeman delivers both creativity and quality artworks to readers both young and old. Her title is one of "very few" Adirondack children books and Bonnie doesn't intend to stop here - she's already designing the next adventure for Maple. You'll enjoy this easy reader filled to the brim with nature, splendor and Adirondack charm!


This is a soft- or hard-cover children's title features original illustrations by Bonnie Beckeman who also is an artist that provides original designs and illustrations on consignment, in watercolor and other techniques.

A Silly Cat's Adirondack Adventure

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