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Little Buggy Productions readies, The Girl Who Yearned for her Mother by Nichole Troupe for release

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.'s Little Buggy Productions Imprint release of, "The Girl Who Yearned for her Mother," by Nichole Troupe is scheduled late summer.

By: Little Buggy Productions CARTHAGE, N.C. - July 12, 2020 - PRLog -- DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. through their Little Buggy Productions Imprint, is winding up the production of, "The Girl Who Yearned for her Mother" written by disability author, Nichole "Nikki" Troupe and illustrated by Nancy Folley Oster. This is the second work from Nikki and all her titles introduce disability awareness in a manner that is easily understood by child readers. The new title cover, affixed to this press release, is revealed the first time today. Nichole "Nikki" Troupe is an impressive quadriplegic survivor herself. She brings difficult topics to children's understanding sharing truths about disability and its impact on family and friends in a manner youngsters can embrace. Nikki inspires children to learn more about people around them "with disabilities" in a nonjudgmental manner while embracing and learning from their universal differences. As a quadriplegic, Nikki has learned writing is the best way for her to not become angry about her own physical limitations. Writing provides inspiration and an outlet to the world, beyond her disability and it is what she loves to do today. With the help of one of her nurses, Nikki acquired a device she talks into, which writes everything she says. She put the nurse's gift to good use in the development of her first title, "Just Like You" and, this, her second title, "The Girl Who Yearned for her Mother." About the book: "The Girl Who Yearned for her Mother" shares the story of a mother and daughter and their love for one another. When Mother Nature splits mom and Little Katie apart, fate determines to reunite them. After the young mother's decision to have Katie move in with family members when she has surgery and in recovery, she learns what appeared to be a wise decision maybe the worst decision she could have made. Young readers learn how Katie's mom gets it right while keeping Katie, their family and friends bonded through love. Release of "The Girl Who Yearned for her Mother," by Nichole "Nikki" Troupe is scheduled for 31 August 2020. Pre-orders ship first upon release of the title, which will also be made available through all major book retailers. This title is available at in pre-sale. Media Contact DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. Special Markets

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