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DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. offers multiple processes to reach your publications goals. The following packages each feature unique services and each builds on the other, meaning BookReady has everything included in BookMate and additional supports, BookDesign has everything from BookMate and BookReady, BookNeat has everything from BookMate, BookReady, and BookDesign; and BookStar has includes everything from BookMate, BookReady, BookDesign, and BookNeat.


BookAudio is unique and is a baseline at $2000.00 - typically the average size book is managed at this cost (275 to 325 pages of a trade print with reasonable spacing and etc.); for works larger than this - the rate adjusts accordingly.


A consultation is booked to discuss the book project and then plans are identified once an understanding of publishing goals is achieved. Plan sheets are shared at that time for consideration. The "type" of publishing package chosen represents goals for the book and not quality of book creation and publication. Every new title has its own individualized journey. Included in these costs are elements of process that usually have external costs associated with them.  The more elements added to production - the higher the rate due to the cost of associative registrations or purchase items to incorporate into the publishing process that are owned and operated by third-party industry representatives. Add-ons are not necessarily driven by internal costs.

Publishing Packages for Every Title

No Other Ink Will Do, It's DonnaInk For You!

  • BookAudio

  • DonnaInk BookMate

  • DonnaInk BookReady

  • Best Value

    DonnaInk BookDesign

  • DonnaInk BookNeat

  • DonnaInk BookStar

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