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"Faces of Rap Mothers Fathers Edition," is a compilation of backstories, tell-all's and images from a compilation of "MEN" involved in and around the rap and hip-hop industry. The title is not an empirical designation of all contributors as "rap and hip-hop" artist fathers but is more loosely associated with rap and hip-hop men who are fathers, brothers, cousins, uncles and/or sons of rap and hip hop professional artisans . . . or even performers themselves. Some contributors own studios and are involved in engineering sound or filming videography to compliment artists.


Additionally, these are the men who share time in the reality television series, "Faces of Rap Mothers." Look for them on Roku, MJ Own, the NOW network and other venues . . . great men and their stories!

Faces of Rap Mothers Fathers Edition BK. #1

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